Friday, 11 January 2013

24 - Concept to Visualisation

And here is the comparison from Concept to Final Visualisation. I would like to think that I stuck fairly close to the original, with obviously a few tweaks along the way for aesthetic purposes. I will be uploading an HD turntable in the near future, so will post the link when it is ready. 

Please click for larger image.

24 - Assignment Hand in

Christmas was an incredibly hectic time due to the Assignment hand in and presentation we had first week back. I put in all the hours I could and I like to think that it paid off. Here are the two main posed images of my character '24'. There are some additional tweaks I would like to make, such as adding dust particles around the candle and changing some of the material specularity and bump/displacement maps. For now though... I am happy with the outcome. 

Please click for larger version.

New Book!

My late christmas present just arrived and I cannot wait to start reading.
Stop Staring - Facial Modeling and Animation Done right - Jason Osipa

Monday, 17 December 2012

Fuzzy fuzzy cute cute

So my housemate's girlfriend's house seems to be the animal hub at the moment. They have some cats that have taken residency in their back garden so I took my camera round to see if I could get any decent pictures. I managed to get a really cute one of one of the kittens, Sheldon. Shortly after I looked after Bubbles (her bunny), and then she brought round her cat Cookie for a night. Needless to say, I was on cute overload. 




Walk in the New Forest.

So me and Alan went for a walk in the New Forest as a break away from the 4th Year workload, accompanied by Murphy his dog. We had a very interesting walk back to the car when we encountered a few horses. One took a shining to Murphy and we witnessed a very surreal moment between the two. The horse was hilarious and kept pulling various faces... who knows why. 

They stayed like this together for a good 20 minutes or so.


A few snaps from a weekend down in Brighton. I love this place, and I love these people.

Modelling Assignment - 24's Helmet

Here is the current progress of his hat/helmet. Made out of the ends of a watch strap, and a baseball that's been cut in half. Still have alot of work to do on it, but just getting a feel for the overall sizing to see what works. Having the straps move dynamically will give him more life when I eventually get to animate him. 

Modelling Assignment - 24 Progress

These are the images I submitted for handing in the modelling (although this was more a milestone hand in than a final submission). The items on the ground are a few bits and bobs I modelled to go into his backpack. 

I still need to model his hat/helmet thing. I shyed (sp?) away from the idea of the skull because it would resemble '8' too much and I wanted to be a bit more creative.

 I have loved modelling this guy though... have learnt so much in such a short amount of time. Please click to enlarge the images to see them in their full glory. 

Modelling Assignment - 24 Progress

Put in some quick lighting to see how he is looking. Here are a couple of the renders I did. It is coming along nicely, cannot wait to put textures on him though. I am in a constant battle in my mind whether to model in the detail or save it until the texturing stage. 

Modelling Assignment - Modelling Progress

Here are a few WIP images of the 24 character being modelled.