Monday, 23 July 2012

New Walk Cycle

So here is another walk cycle I have been working on. I am really not happy with this however. The weighting is completely off but I thought I would put it up on here for critique/feedback purposes. I've tried to tweak curves and check but I can't seem to get it to look right. I'm going to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch so I can ensure that I don't make mistakes along the way.

Notable things that need improvement:

- Left Leg seems to extend further forward than the right
- Left Foot has more weight when planted
- Knees come out too far as leg is brought forward
- Too much of a 'pigeon' movement on the head
- Left arm does not replicate movement of the Right (I can't seem to figure out why, the values appear to be the same)
- Hands - although I have not done any form of finalising on the curves hence why they intersect through the body)

Here are some playblasts...

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